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as told by Marian Sucala.

The MT Unirea was a Romanian-flagged crude oil tanker. She was one of the biggest ships of the Romanian commercial fleet.

Seapeeps mt unirea

The MT Unirea at port. Just before her first voyage. Nov 1979.

‘She was a nice ship. A beautiful ship.’  he said. Marian Sucala served onboard in the capacity of a second engineer.

As a result of a mysterious explosion, the ship was lost on october 13 1982, at 09:15 am.

The 299 meter long tanker broke up and sank in the Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea, 40 nautical miles south east of the Cape Kaliakra after a mysterious explosion.

‘The waitress died in that accident.’ A total of 42 crew members out of 43 survived the incident and were rescued by Romanian and Soviet boats.

‘Just before we sailed with the M/T Unirea in her maiden voyage, we passed by her sister vessel MT independenta burning in Istambul, Bosforus.’ He added.

The MT Independenta was a large Romanian crude oil carrier. She collided in 1979 with a Greek freighter at the southern entrance of Bosphorus, Turkey, and exploded. She caught fire and grounded. Almost all of the tanker’s crew members died. The wreck of the Independenta burned for weeks, causing heavy air and sea pollution in the Istanbul area and the Sea of Marmara.

‘After what happen with her sister M/T Independenta in Bosforus I left. I left about one year before the accident happened. I had enough of oil tankers. I wanted to see other countries not just the Arabian peninsula.’ He added.

Fortunately for Marian Sucala he disembarked early enough before the incident of MT Unirea occured.

A lot of sailors were not so fortunate, like the waitress that was lost in the incident. Or the crew that were lost when the MT Independenta exploded at Bosphorus.

Over the years, a lot of accidents and incidents have occured at sea. This does not stop brave men like Marian Sucala to go back to the great water.

Our heart goes out to all men and women that have been lost and also to their families.

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