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an inundated city can be a result of rise in sea level
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Coastal cities are at risk as sea level sets to rise by at least six meters.

We are facing similar conditions that existed during the last inter-glacial period or let’s say ice age at the moment and researchers say that sea level would rise by atleast six meters.

An interglacial period or interglacial is a geological interval of warmer global average temperature lasting thousands of years that separates consecutive glacial periods within an ice age.

We can easily say that an interglacial period is the interval between two glacial period or ice ages.

We are saying that prior to a glacial period or ice age, there is an interglacial characterised by warmer average temperature like we are experiencing at the moment.

rise in sea level as a result of warmer average temperatures

Characteristics surrounding Rise in sea level are similar to those in the last interglacial period

How it affects the oceans

Warmer average sea temperatures are a considerable factor in melting ice sheets and glaciers in the polar regions.

Melting ice sheets and glaciers in the polar regions result in rise in sea level.

Human activities which is the number one cause of increasing global temperature can not be over emphasized.

According to a study carried out, ‘in the long-term, sea levels will rise six metres at least.’

The rate at which sea levels are likely to rise is not known, and could be over a scale of centuries to millennia.

Louise Sime, head of palaeoclimate research at the British Antarctic Survey, told the Guardian: “The rates of ice sheet loss are really difficult to predict. Estimates are anything from 200 to 7,000 years.”

How it affects humans

Humans would surely have a take in its effect For directly or indirectly have a hand in it cause.

One effect is the rise in temperature and reduction in marine mammals and fishes thereby affecting the fishing industry as was explained in our previous article.

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Another effect, as revealed in the research is that as Sea levels are set to rise by at least six meters, it will lead to an inundation of all our coastal cities.

an inundated city can be a result of rise in sea level

An inundated city

“The good news is that with luck it will continue to rise slowly so that we have time to adapt, but the bad news is that eventually all our present coastal city locations will be inundated,” said Andrew Watson, a climate researcher the University of Exeter in the UK.

Residents of such coastal communities should beware.

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