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Over the years, the words ocean and sea have been confounded and used interchangeable in write-ups and conversations even among oceanographers. Generally, as long as Its a large Body of salt water, it can be refered to as either an ocean or sea.

However, there is a difference between the two in terms of geography. You going to find out.

By definition.
An ocean is a large expanse of salt water that covers three-quarters (almost 71%) of the earth’s surface.
A sea is  a large body of salt water that is totally or partially enclosed by land.

By boundaries.
The ocean is bounded by the continental land masses, or the equator, or ridges in the ocean floor and other imaginary lines.
The sea on the other hand is totally or partially surrounded by land its sides. The Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea are examples of seas that are surrounded totally by land, having no natural outlet.
Some sea like Mediterranean Sea that is attached to the Atlantic Ocean are bounded by the ocean. We can Also say that seas are found on the margins of oceans Where the land and ocean meets.

By size.
In terms of surface area, the areas are smaller than the ocean. The largest seas can’t be compared in size to the smallest ocean.
The Philippine sea Which is refered to as the largest sea in the world has a Surface area of about 5million sq km.
Meanwhile the article ocean Which is refered to as the smallest ocean has a surface area of over 14million sq km.
The Pacific ocean is the largest with a surface area of one 165million sq km.

There is only one ocean, the world ocean. However, it is divided into distinct named regions using variety of historical, cultural, geographical, and scientific reasons.
As agreed by the International Hydrographic Organisation, there are five main oceans that comprises the world ocean and they are in descending order in terms of size the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern (Antarctic), and Arctic Oceans. For other reasons, the Pacific and Atlantic are further divided into north and south Pacific and Atlantic.
Meanwhile, all over the world,  there are several seas named according to region, size, current, color and other characteristics.
The list of seas is almost endless. Popular names include the Philippines sea, Mediterranean sea, Black sea, Red sea, Caspian sea, Dead sea, Carribean sea, Baltic sea, Yellow sea and many others.

The sea and the ocean have been an important and essential part of the human society. Humans have used it for travel, power generation, source of food, Leisure activities, source of natural minerals. The maritime and many other industries centers its activities around the seas and oceans.
However, because of the increase in human population, and many Industrial activities, a lot of harm is being done to it. Overfishing, marine pollution, ocean acidification are just a few of them.

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