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Trumps Proposal cuts Coast Guard budget by 14 percent.

The United state president Donald J. Trump is pushing a proposal to cut the Coast Guard’s budget from $9.1 billion to $7.8 billion in 2017, a 14 percent hit, according to The Washington Post.

The proposal includes deactivating the  Maritime Security Response Teams (MSRT). This is a unit that conducts counterterrorism patrols in ports and sensitive waterways.

This cut in the coast guard budget is In an effort to pay for the massive border wall the United States intends to build across the southern border of Mexico.

The coast guard carries out a critical security service which includes securing the United States border. For the kind of things the new administration says it aims to do, we can say that the us coast guard would play a crucial role.

However, it is clear from the structure of the drafted proposal that the Coast Guard is the lowest on the totem pole.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), drew up a proposal that also intends to cut the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Transportation Security Administration budgets by 11 percent each to $4.5 billion and $3.6 billion, respectively.

The White House officials said on  Tuesday that the bill is still being deliberated and not yet approved and it was too soon to read too much into the bill.

The Coast Guard being under the Department of Homeland Security has faced some prejudice overtime as it is not part of the traditional military.

Nevertheless we do not forget the great service they carry out. If there’s a search and rescue, If a boat goes adrift or is sinking on America’s waters they are the service that comes to the rescue.

According to Rick “Ozzie” Nelson, a former Navy helicopter pilot and national security expert with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, when it comes to securing the coast, maritime border and protecting the ports, “that’s a Coast Guard mission and capability.”

Therefore, even if Trump’s intentions are good, if he intends to secure the border and catch drug dealers, he would invest more money into the Coast Guard, not less, since a good percent of drugs entering the U.S come through maritime routes.

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