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UK offshore workers may go on strike.

Scotland’s biggest offshore trade union Unite have once again rejected the latest pay deal put forward by the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA).

81 percent of the unions members voted to reject this offer in a consultative ballot organised by the union.

This is the second time this has happened and this is moving the union a step closer to a potential strike action.

The first was in December, when a previous deal proposed by the Offshore Contractors Association was rejected by the union with reason that it indicated no increase in their pay and no improvement to their terms and conditions.

The union seeks a wage increase for offshore members, along with improved sick pay and paid travel time to an employer’s onshore base and the latest proposal does not meet this demands.

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“We have repeatedly warned the OCA employers and other offshore employers that we cannot simply have a race to the bottom, with companies competing with each other to suppress the pay and conditions of offshore workers.

“It’s bad for our members and it’s bad for the local economies that rely on their incomes.” Unite regional officer Tommy Campbell said.

He went on saying: “Those companies who invest in their workers and see them as genuine partners will reap the benefits in the future. Those who don’t will end up lagging behind, and will always face the possibility of industrial action from their workforce.”

He says that they would have to consult with union members and Unite workplace representatives to know what comes next.

On the other hand, Paul Atkinson, OCA CEO, said:  “We are extremely disappointed that members of the trade unions who took part in the consultative ballot have rejected our pay offer.

“Our priority is to find ways of avoiding industrial action. We will continue to maintain an on-going dialogue with union officials in an attempt to bring this to a resolution.”

Source: OffshoreEnergyToday

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