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update on oilspill off ndian coast
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Update on oil spill off Indian coast.
This is a follow of the collision that occurred between the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carrier BW Maple and the oil tanker MT Dawn Kanchipuram near Ennore’s Kamarajar Port.
The oil tanker suffered a rupture and that event led to an engine oil spill in the early morning hours on January 28 2017 by the oil tanker which was carrying about 33,000 tonnes of petroleum, oils and lubricants.

Indian authorities has responded quite well by deploying its Coast Guard teams to respond to and monitor the oil spill. The Indian coast guard was able to deploy its ships and helicopters to survey and monitor the oil spill in good time. As soon as the oil leak was discovered, the coast guard mobilized equipment and manpower for clean-up at various locations.

According to the Indian Ministry of Shipping, the situation had been closely monitored by port officials from the time of the accident and the required assistance was rendered to both vessels.

After bringing the vessel to a safe location, the Kamarajar Port authorities deployed an oil boom around the vessel to prevent leakage of the spill and till now no seepage has been discovered.

We at seapeeps say thumbs up to the Indian authorities and other countries are encouraged to emulate the Indian authorities as protection of the sea and its environs is so important.
The port authorities had decided to berth the ship and discharge its cargo. This was done to prevent any environmental damage since the oil tanker was carrying a large amount of petroleum products.

The Indian government has informed that the entire clean-up operation could be completed in a couple of days and they would continue in their effort to protect the environment both now and in the future.
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