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World’s first ship tunnel in site.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration are planning to construct the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel in Norway.

Currently, they are in the finishing stages of the project’s feasibility study and could begin construction early as next year.

With the ship tunnel in site, the Norwegian Coastal Administration aims to allow ships to navigate more safely through Stadhavet Sea, which is the most exposed, most dangerous area along the coast of Norway.

The roughness of the sea in this area has made it particularly difficult to navigate around and some seafarers have reportedly lost their lives while at it.

The project forms part of Norwegian national transportation plan that contains plans on large infrastructure investments which will take place for the next 12 years (2018 – 2030) and is fully funded according to Norwegian Coastal Administration.

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Specifically, the Storting – Norwegian Parliament has assigned NOK 1 billion (USD 117 million) for the project in the second half of the planning period. The entire cost of the project is estimated to be NOK 2.3 billion (USD 267 million).

The Ship Tunnel is planned to span 1.7 kilometres in lenght, 37 metres in height and 26.5 metres in width, allowing ships the size of coastal steamers to navigate through.

However, the administration claims that there is still a way to go before the construction work can start.

“In best case this project will be financed by the Parliament in 2018, which means that earliest start of constructions work,” the administration said in a statement.

When the feasibility study is completed in 2017, it will undergo external quality assurance, phase 2.

Once the project is cleared, it will take up to four years before it can be completed.

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